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    Meditation Healthy Heart

    Meditation Healthy Heart
           Meditation is very useful for the body and soul. As health meditation can also establish the level of our souls must good.but with exercises that always.if want to try it please refer to this article

    1. Cleaning the etheric body by Physical Exercise
    Perform physical exercise for about 5 minutes to clean and give energy to the etheric body. Grayish material or used prana expelled from the etheric body with physical exercise. Physical exercises also minimize possible pranic congestion (pranic congestion negative effect on the body) because meditation is to collect a large number of subtle energies in the etheric body.

    2. Heavenly Blessing pleaded. (You can create your own prayer)
    This is an example that is usually used by the author:
    Lord, I humbly beg mercy!
    For protection, guidance, assistance and illumination!
    Thank ksaih and with full confidence!
    Berkar begged God or Spiritual Mentors are very important. Anyone who is serious about developing the ability spiritulanya Spirtual Mentors usually have if he knew it or not. Prayer is necessary to obtain protection, assistance and guidance. Without prayer, meditation techniques can further be dangerous.

    3. Activate the Heart Chakra - Blessing the Whole Earth with Love
    Press ahead with the heart chakra for several seconds. This is to facilitate concentration on the heart chakra. Perform concentration on the front heart chakra and bless the earth with love. When blessed, you can visualize the earth as a very small in front of you.

    From the Heart of God,
    Let all the earth be blessed with love.
    Let all the earth be blessed joy,
    happiness and peace of heaven
    Let all the earth be blessed with understanding,
    harmony, goodwill and willingness to do good.
    It happened!

    From the Heart of God,
    Let the callous hearts of all beings be filled with
    heavenly love and kindness.
    Let the callous hearts of all beings be filled with
    joy, happiness and peace of heaven
    Let the callous hearts of all beings be filled with
    Understanding, harmony, goodwill and
    desire to do good. Thank you,
    It happened!

           For starters, this blessing is only done once or twice. Do not do this excessively blessing at the beginning. Some may even feel a mild pranic congestion around the heart area. This is because your etheric body is not clean enough. Apply localized sweeping to remove the congestion.

           This blessing should not be done mechanically secra. You have to appreciate and realize the full meaning of each utterance. You can also use visualization. When blessing the earth with loving-kindness, visualize the aura of the earth becomes pink bluish dazzling. When blessing the earth with joy, happiness and peace; visualize people smiling weight problems, their hearts filled with joy, faith, hope and peace. Visualize the problem they become lighter and brighter their faces. When blessing the earth with harmony, goodwill and willingness to do good; visualize the people or countries are almost at war laid down their arms and embrace each other. Visualize them filled with good intentions and intend to carry out these good intentions. This blessing can be directed to a country, family or group of countries. Do not direct blessing to the infant, child or because they can be flooded with powerful energy generated by this meditation.

    4. Activate the Crown Chakra - Blessing the Earth with Love
          Press the crown with your finger for a few seconds to facilitate concentration on the crown chakra and bless the entire earth with loving-kindness. When the crown chakra is open enough, some of you will feel something is growing on top of your head or feel a pressure on the crown. Once the crown chakra is activated, berkosentrasilah simultaneously on the crown chakra and heart chakra, and bless the earth with loving couple times. It will combine the heart chakra and crown chakra, thereby making the blessing much more powerful.

    5. Achieve Illumination - Meditation on the Light, the Aum Aum and the distance between two
          To achieve Illumination (expansion of consciousness) visualize a brilliant white light spot on the crown of the head and simultaneously utter the mantra Aum or Amen in the liver. Perform concentration at a distance of time (silence) between two Aum, while memnpertahankan point of light. Perform this meditation for 10-15 minutes. If you can fully concentrate simultaneously on a point of light and the distance in time between the two Aum, you will experience an "explosion of light within". Your whole body will be filled with light! In the first time! To experience Buddha consciousness or illumination is to experience and understand the meaning of what Jesus said: "If your eyes are good, your whole body of light" (Luke 11:34). "Because the real kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21).

           For some people, it takes many years before they experience the first glimpse of illumination or Buddha consciousness. Other people may only need a few months while you guys are just a few Sundays. For some people, they reached the initial expansion of consciousness in some of the first attempt. This is usually with the help seorarng dilakkukan Parent or facilitators.

          When doing this meditation you must be neutral. Should not feel the obsession with results or too many expectations. If not, he is actually meditating on the expectations or outcomes rather than on a light duck, Aum and the time gap between the two Aum.

    6. Removing Excess Energy
          After the meditation, the excess energy must be released by blessing the earth with Light, Love, Peace and Prosperity for a few minutes sampaianda feel your body become nornal. Otherwise, the etheric body will experience congestion and you'll get headaches and chest nyari. The physical body of a long-run because of too much energy. Other esoteric groups release excess energy by visualizing the chakras channeling out excess energy and chakra become smaller and dimmer, but this approach does not use excess energy to constructive use.

    7. Giving Thanks
    After meditating, always give thanks to God and Spiritual Advisor of heavenly blessings.

    8. Again Excessive Energy Releasing and Strengthening malalui Physical Body Massage and Physical Exercise Again
           After the meditation, massage your body and do physical exercises for about five minutes to remove the used prana from the body and release excess energy, cleanse and strengthen the physical body. It also facilitate the assimilation of the pranic and spiritual energies, thereby enhancing the beauty and health practitioners. Massage and meditation exercises after pranic section will reduce the congestion of certain body parts that could be disease. You can also cure yourself of some diseases gradually by doing exercises after doing "Meditation on the Second Heart". Doing physical exercise after the meditation is very important, otherwise the physical body will be weakened. Although the etheric body will be very bright and strong, physical body will become weak from not being able to hold the excess energy generated by the meditation in the long term. You must experience it for yourself in order to appreciate fully what the author.

        Some people have a tendency to not do the exercises after doing this meditation, but continue to enjoy such happy circumstances. This trend must be addressed, if not your physical health will eventually be interrupted.

        Sometimes when a spiritual aspirant meditates, he can experience physical movements that are not common in the short term. This is very normal because the etheric channels are being cleaned.

        The instructions seem quite long, but the meditation is very short, simple and very effective! Meditation only takes about 20 minutes beyond the time required for physical exercise.

    There are many levels of illumination. The art of "intuition" or "direct synthetic knowledge" requires constant meditation for a long time.

         Blessing the earth with loving-kindness can be done in groups as a form of world service. If for such purposes is done in groups, first the earth bless the earth with love through the heart chakra and then through the crown chakra and then through the second chakra, the crown and heart. Remove the excess energy after the end of the meditation. Other meditation part eliminated. The blessing can be directed not only to the whole earth but also to a certain country or group of countries. The power of blessing is increased manifold when done in groups dibadingkan individually. Another way to bless the earth with loving-kindness in the group is through daily radio broadcasts at yan fit together with several or many listeners who participated.

         Just as with pranic healing can cure simple illnesses and severe "miraculously", "meditation on the heart" when it's done a large number of people can miraculously heal the earth, thereby making the whole world more harmonious and peaceful.

    may be useful

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