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    Mother's love

    Mother's love
    Once in a village, there is a mother who is elderly, lives alone with her only child. Her husband had died long ago because of illness. The mother often lamented his fate thought of her son who has a very bad character that is like stealing, gambling, drunkenness, and perform other negative actions. He always prayed, "Lord, please unconscious child who loved it, so as not to sin again. I'm old and want to see him repent before I die." However, the child is getting late with his evil deeds.

    One day, he presented to the king was brought to trial after being caught again while stealing and violence in the home village. Misconduct that has been done many times, sentenced him beheaded. Announced to all villages, the punishment will be done in front of the people of the village the next day, just as the bell rang signaling at six in the morning.

    News sentence that makes the mother weeping bitterly. Prayer of forgiveness continues dikumandangkannya while with faltering steps she approached the king to beg her not to put to death. But the decision can not be changed! With broken hearts, old mother back home.

    The next day, in places that have been determined, the people had gathered in the field beheaded. The executioner looks ready and the child was resigned to regret the fate and cried as imagined her mother's old.

    Seconds are awaited finally arrived. But after five minutes of 0600, the bell has not rang. The atmosphere began to be noisy. Officers bell was confusion because it had been he pulled the bell rope dentangnya but the sound does not exist. When they're all confused, suddenly the bell rope that blood flowing. The whole audience was pounding waiting for, what the hell happened? It appeared in the bell found the old lady's body with a bloody head crushed. He embraced the pendulum and replace it with his head against the wall of the bell.

    The mother sacrificed herself for her child. In the evening he bothered to climb up and attach itself to the pendulum at the bell, that bell never rang for the sake of avoiding punishment fall upon his son.

    All those who witnessed the incident down and shed tears. While the child wailing witnessed his mother's body lay covered with blood. Regret always comes too late!

    Thank you mother,

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    10 komentar untuk " Mother's love "

    shah Blogger mengatakan...

    Ya sob. linknya udah saya benamkan, Mekasih ya invited. Anyway bisa ngak link-nya saya di edit sob? Kepada text "Belajar SEO" :D . Maff ya buat pusing :)

    Salam kenal juga

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @shah Blogger:dengan senang hati.
    makasih dah kunjung lagi

    DAW-XP mengatakan...

    jangan melawan Ibu, tanpa Ibu kita tidak ada apa-apanya, cintai Ibu.

    Oh ya selamat hari guru ya

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @DAW-XP:benar sekali gan.
    selamat juga

    Company profile fuddin mengatakan...

    ijin nyimak dulu ya gan

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @Company profile fuddin:monggo.silahkan

    jual sepatu kerja pria mengatakan...

    kasih ibu memang tiada tara

    juanx criex mengatakan...

    @jual sepatu kerja pria:thank's gan

    Adjie Purbojati mengatakan...

    Ibu adalah segalanya bagiku...
    kasih sayang ibu lebih besar dari apapun.

    juanx criex mengatakan...

    @Adjie Purbojati:benar sob.
    makasih kunjungannya

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