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    My childs, fight

    My childs, fight
    A my mind ,my very heart, go ahead, have you ignored this self. Because of this your period. Not only as the heir to your father, but thou art the wealth of this nation's successor. So, look far ahead so that your ways difficult barrier unstoppable by a thousand challenges. Clench your hand and collapse wall of separation between the ideals and dreams, unites them in reality.

    Ask for advice and guidance of teachers that you encounter on the way, please do not hesitate to them and keep your againts because your father has exhausted his knowledge for you then fill the charge current with the science of a more qualified and suitable for sustainable living for the creation of new processes in your generation . Dad would be proud of you when I heard that you have shared with those who have been successful in life, let alone with your mother's father in heaven our home.

    Remember to come back and do not forget to look for a life partner that you love to build his own household.

    Life is so short, if we are aware of and be longer if we complained. You are part of the universe then pay the right semestamu. Uphold noble values ​​your religion, you do not waste him with wealth and position, but still looking for happiness and abundance. Help your brothers affected by a disaster and calamity. Do not leave your heart that is sensitive to them because you were actually born in this world because of the help of her brothers and sisters of Islam, Iman and Se one Insan.
    Now it's time I took off the responsibility for yourself, then keep fighting. there is no compulsion for you to follow in the footsteps of your father. Because your father has a lot of failures in his life. You are the hope of another human being. Shaking forefinger upward when there is a need. And enjoy the bliss with nature and family who have always loved you.

    message from ancestors

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