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    Signal Amplifiers GPRS/3G/GSM/CDMA/Modem/Wireless and Internet

    wireles antena
    Signal amplifier Signal GPRS or 3G on modem or wireless LAN for Internet users who use wireless services may be already familiar. Because of course there are some who experience arrest signal wireless LAN or GSM Modem Signal either GPRS or 3G signals are less strong. I consider catching a signal 1 / 5 - 2 / 5 bars on signal strength is less strong because the experience shows that with strength 1 / 5  -  2 / 5 bar internet connection is often disjointed.

    We can see it on the desktop icon indicator in the lower right corner. Let's see there is a small computer image near the bar-meter that sometimes turn on when we are browsing the Internet, download or upload. Try to do the browsing or downloading, and the reactions observed indicator displays the download. There you will see that the process of browsing, downloading and uploading will greatly depend on the condition indicator. So to overcome this needs to be done to strengthen the wireless signal and a GSM modem or GPRS signal both 3G signals.
    Usually to capture signals that only 1 / 5 bars or 2 / 5 bars would lead indicators often die and then browse or download process will stop. At the time that happens is the modem / wireless tracking signal is reset. That's because the lack of strong catch signals from base stations or Hotspot. Well ... for the following safety tips to strengthen the signal either GSM Modem GPRS Signal, Signal 3G or Wireless LAN Signals. There are 3 ways to Strengthen Signal GSM Modem and Wireless LAN are: Want to know how your Internet Speed? Use the Internet Speedtest Practical Software. With this software you can perform Internet Connection Speed Test Server anywhere for Accurate.

    Software Internet Speedtest Download Here.

    • Using External antenna , by using induction system where the cable from the antenna to the Device (Modem / Wireless-LAN) are not directly connected with the Device, but at the end of the cable is installed such a plate or induction coil / coil wire with a diameter of 1mm diameter coil to adjust the form modem (usually made of insulated wire). Next Device was inserted into the coil. It is expected there are electromagnetic induction from the signal received from the antenna to the device and vice versa. This method is quite effective and safe for Strengthening Signal GPRS or 3G or wireless LAN signals even with this induction system, the energy signal from the modem or otherwise of the antenna-to-modem cable is not covered everything there is energy lost alias / losses. This method can raise a significant signal. I've tried to be increased from 2 bars to full bars (5 bars). Disadvantages of this induction system in some cases (modem) usually occur due to heat quickly Device VSWR on the modem due to metal objects / coil that surrounds the device's internal antenna. But these shortcomings are usually still be tolerated and in some usage can be compensated by the installation of the modem cooling fan. 
    •  External antenna connector connects to the Internet modem / wireless. In this way as we install a TV antenna where there is a connector of the antenna cable should be connected to the TV. This method is safe and can be Strengthens Signal GPRS or 3G signal is very significant but with the conditions, First, the antenna must be in accordance with the operating frequency and impedance Device Device. Because if there is no compliance then instead bisa2 signal drop and high VSWR occur within Devices device so that heat quickly and can result in damage. Second, the device must have a socket for an external antenna. The problem is not all modem facilities especially the internet have a USB Wireless LAN Internet. Third, the price of a good external antenna is very expensive. It might even be more expensive than Internet Modem / Wireless eat it.
    • Using a USB Extender USB or extension, this mode is the safest and cheapest way to Strengthen Signal GPRS or 3G signal though it must be a bit complicated. In this way Internet Modem / LAN Wereless put in place a barrier-free or as little as possible between the internet modem with BTS or Hotspot, or if possible highway / barrier means that the modem and the base stations that have eyes see each other. It certainly should be placed at an altitude Device. We can build a USB Extender with UTP cable used for the Internet network in Warnet and put the modem / wireless us on our home or simply just below the roof of the house.
    In addition to Strengthen Signal GPRS, 3G Signal and Signal Wireless LAN, these methods can also be used to strengthen the CDMA signal.

    Hopefully helps, regards bloggers
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    shah Blogger mengatakan...

    Wah english ya sob, anyway menagapa linknya saya ngak ada ya pada sidebar ya sob???

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @shah Blogger:sidebar link temen,sesuai permintaannya linknya kan minta di ganti nama Belajar Seo.udah ada kok sob,coba ditunggu move up nya.

    shah Blogger mengatakan...

    Owh iya. Maaf ngak perasan tadi :D .. anyway sob, saya pake Wifi king nih.. Enak banget :D

    aryo mengatakan...

    @shah Blogger:wah...kalo itu sih jelas mantapz sob.

    shah Blogger mengatakan...

    Haha ngak sob... Suka pake wifi king sebab gratis aja online :D

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @shah Blogger:oh...gitu toh.ga papa selagi bisa sob.gak da salahnya

    company profile fuddin mengatakan...

    nice gan tas inponya

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @company profile fuddin:ya.
    makasih dah kunjung

    Company profile fuddin mengatakan...

    tanksx gan...

    company profile fuddin mengatakan...

    nice gan tas inponya...

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