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    Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

    Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly
    This article is another version of last my article  about Powerful Jutsu Increase Alexa . the previous trick is basic - the basis of the tricks that have been a lot alexa mushroomed among bloggers. This time is additional and conclusions of tricks - tricks alexa rank I had written it. Where there will be additional on how to increase alexa rank your blog. Whether it's with backling and others - others. In article writing tricks to quickly increase the Alexa rank of this, I am deliberately not long,. If you do not understand, please read in my previous article. In writing this article, I joined the blog helped by Kartolo cyber .Right away, please read Understanding usability Alexa Toolbar of this.

    Alexa is a site that provides rankings that have been recognized as a consideration in the cyber world, both for paid reviews or other. And assessment of the number of visitors and its popularity. Why do I mention two items between visitors and its popularity? Because a lot of reality to say more than 100 visitors per day even better than his Alexa rank is 1000 per day. Some say also depends on the number of IP (Internet Protocol) of different visitors, hosting and so forth. Therefore many people are looking for the trick how to increase alexa rank and page rank. Especially for bloggers who like to play a paid review or Selling a link. Where pagerank and alexa rank is the main calculations.

    There are various ways to improve alexa rank. As in the previous article. Among them:
    • Alexa Widget pairs can increase Alexa rank. Already in prove on my blog. Formerly 15.000.000 now a 3.000.000. But this effect on your pagerank. (Because you are not directly provide a backlink to Alexa).
    • Influence on the location of your hosting your site. This is according to my discussions and my blogging teacher, with the basic theory if your hosting is located in the U.S. then the visitor to access your site more quickly. Logically, Alexa is from where? Overseas right? Well if pake hosting IIX them for a long time to open your site, so it will help slow the rise in rank alexa rank our blog.
    • Update your blog regularly. It seems this effect, because the PageRank and Alexa rank usually prefer sites that are always up to date. Sites that follow the keyword category also includes sites that uptodate, but try to keep your blog from the porn keywords, such as video and photos of nude girls junior high, high school and college students a beautiful cottage.
    • Make a review about Alexa. While in the research, before I write this review, I 3.000.000 Alexa rank, if after writing this review, my Alexa rank so 1.000.000 the myths are true and can be used as a reference.
    • Create sub domains to boost your traffic. Example: If kuliahpsikologi.friend 1 and friend 2.friend 1 visitor=50 one day and blog friend2  visitor=50 one day, could be a total of 100 day visitors. It may be true, because the logic is like that.
    • Optimize SEO on your blog. SEO is where - which is important, and could become a weapon to boost alexa rank. The logic is like this, good SEO, automated visitors from search engines increased. Could affect the alexa and pagerank too lho. Please read the SEO tricks blogspot for more details about SEO.
    • Increase Alexa backlinks. Alexa backlink will be obtained if you frequently commented on the blog - another blog alias blogwalking. The fact is I see when I check my backlinks Alexa anyone, it turns out most of my comments while blogwalking.

      Well, that was what I meant, there is an additional bit of my first article. Namely Optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Create Sub Domains, Hosting and Layout. Of things - things that I mentioned and I read the blogs of my friends had, indeed everything is logical and can be practiced. But whatever it is, we can only guess, Alexa Rank and Pagerank is still a mystery.

      Okay. Alexa rank all these tricks that I can give. Hope can help boost your blog ranking friends by practicing my tricks.

      Hopefully helpful,

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    46 komentar untuk " Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly "

    csr mengatakan...

    That's great idea... i will try your method and i hope alexa rank will increase on our website.. thank you so much.. very useful for me..

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    thanks for visiting my blog

    ShwetaThakur mengatakan...

    could you please tell me if you make any money through this blog or not??
    please do reply

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    please,you try to click on the menu at the top businesses in this blog.
    thank for visiting.

    satanic baphomet mengatakan...

    good job friends,ok i try this trick.

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    thank's for visiting

    allshare zone mengatakan...

    thanks brotherr... i will try your tips
    hopefully it work. ;)

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @allshare zone:good,please try.

    justdente mengatakan...

    Nice share gan. Tapi untuk poin 1 dan 4, saya rasa itu cuma tahayul gan :) Untuk Poin 1, alexa tidak memerlukan tool tambahan untuk menyimpan data blog selama kita memasang meta alexaverivy. Poin 4, alexa juga tidak pernah membaca artikel, yang dibaca hanya data jumlah kunjungan dan perubahan blog melalui robot crawlernya.
    Ok salam kenal dan Terima kasih sharingnya.

    aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan...

    @justdente:makasih kunjungannya.
    utuk poin 1 dan 4 adalah hnya sbagai pemanis es degan kali ya?....
    mkasih tuk coreksinya,barangkali untuk postingan saya yg lain bisa ada waktu utuk mengkoreksi.
    salam kenal balik gan.

    toko online mengatakan...

    wah agan master ya? keren tipsny, langsung di praktekan deh cara increase alexa

    emilly mengatakan...

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    vidya shree mengatakan...

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    Kelsey Jenney mengatakan...

    Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better ALEXA Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days... ^_^

    juanx criex mengatakan...

    @Kelsey Jenney
    thanks kesly

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